On-board data acquisition and control computer system on the International Space Station
The SGF Co. Ltd. in cooperation with KFKI RMKI (presently its name is Wigner Research Centre for Physics) has developed the data acquisition and control computer system for Plasma Wave Complex (PWC). It mounted to the International Space Station in 2013. The PWC includes 11 sensors and three on-board computers. The archiving computer will be inside the station while two computers will be mounted outside.  more
Command and Data Management Subsystem (CDMS) of
the Rosetta Lander (Philae)
The CDMS is a dual-processor, warm-reserved fault tolerant control and data processing unit of the ESA’s Philae. The basic core that will ensure fault tolerance is the two DPUs both running in hot redundant mode. One of them, marked as the primary DPU is in charge of performing actual payload control.  more
Electrical ground support equipments (EGSE) for different space projects
The SGF Co. Ltd. has developed series of portable EGSEs based on embedded processors with quick look option for various onboard experiments of Rosetta Orbiter, Philae, MarsExpress, VenusExpress, BepiColombo and Solar Orbiter missions of ESA. We have developed also EGSE for Plasma Wave Complex of the International Space Station (ISS). more
Software testbed of the CDMS and lander software
simulator (LSS)
The testbed comprises five PCs and eight embedded processor units simulating the payload. The purpose of this simulator was to automate test procedures both for nominal and non-nominal operations of the CDMS. The LSS has been developed on the order of DLR (Cologne) and MPS (Lindau).  more
Automated Calibration System
SGF Co. Ltd. in cooperation with KFKI RMKI has developed software for the post calibration of the ASPERA-4 (Analyzer of Space Plasmas and Energetic Atoms) instrument for Venus Express mission. The calibration system is at the PI institution in Kiruna Sweden. more

Data Archiving Box and Analysing System (DABAS)
DABAS is a load and fatigue register equipment for Small Airplanes. The off-line data read out is realised trough Ethernet network. Several methods are implemented to visualise and analyse the stored data both in numerical and graphical forms. Can be recognise the consequency of the accidental high load on sturture. more

Linear Sensor Data Acquisition & Processing System
SGF Co. Ltd. has developed software for medical application, which is used in US to measure sarcomere length on-line by laser and X-ray diffraction techniques. It includes one embedded processor to read out the CCD sensor information and to communicate with a PC which is the graphical user interface.  more

Colour and Stereo Surface Imaging System
Enginers of SGF Co. Ltd. has developed onboard software of Colour and Stereo Surface Imaging System (CaSSIS) for ESA's ExoMars 2016 mission. The Planetary  Imaging Group of  the Bern University is the Principal Investigator CaSSIS. more

  SGF = Space and Ground Facilities

 10. November t2015
PWC computers
Distributed computer system of PWC for ISS 
CDMS of the Philae
CDMS's software
testbed in KFKI RMKI

ASPERA Vacuum Chamber
Calibration System of ASPERA
dabas picture0
Racer540 Airplane

LinearSensor Screen
GUI of the Linear Sensor Data Acq. & Proc. System